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      Message from the President

     Sri Lanka Association for Quality (SLAQ).



      Message form the President & CEO

     General Systems Company, Inc

     Pittsfield, MA USA.


Message from Dr. Srilal De Silva


The 4th annual convention on quality and the first ever exhibition on quality to be held in September  2004 will definitely be one of the major events to promote quality management activities of Sri lanka. This type of conventions will definitely support the national effort to achieve the development of the country.


The first quality convention which was held in July 1999 under same theme 'Quality challenges of the new millennium' in association with the American Society for Quality (ASQ) and Asia Pacific Organization for Quality (APQO) was a great success.  The response received encourage SLAQ to organize conventions in July 2000 under the title 'Meeting Global  Competiveness through Quality Leadership' and the third in November 2001 under the theme Competiveness through Quality management'.


These conventions brought wide international recognition to the Quality movement in Sri Lanka also projected the image of the Sri lanka Association for Quality (SLAQ) both nationally and internationally.The success of these conventions was mainly due to the trying efforts of the membership and also the support received from all those committed for quality in Sri Lanka and overseas.


The committed efforts of SLAQ to bring the quality movement in Sri Lanka to be online with the changing scenario internationally had considerable success.  This effort included the introduction of National Bechmarking Service (NBS), Consultant registration program and also ISO 9000 Forum, in addition to conducting regular training and seminars on important aspects on quality.


This years convention under the theme ''s a Way of Life' was selected to promote quality in all aspects of the society. It is also intended to activate all manufacturing and service organizations to demonstrate their commitment to meet growing challenges on quality at international level.


Whilst noting the need for a 'leep frog approach' to be in line with the developments in the South Asian region as well as internationally, SLAQ expects the 4th convention to generate a significant paradigm shift in the quality culture in Sri Lanka.


In order to make this great event a success, I request the support of all concerned to consider the fourth convention and the first ever exhibition on Quality as a national project and participate actively.


Dr. Srilal de Silva


Sri Lanka Association fro Quality (SLAQ)




Message from Dr. A.V. Feigenbaum


As President of the General Systems Company and Founding Chairman of the International Academy for Quality, it is a great privilege for me to send mt greetings to this important 4th National Quality Convention of the Sri Lanka Association for Quality.


Quality has, of course, been becoming one of the center points for management and business success in today's very demanding international economy. It is clear from our experience that success of twenty first century organizations comes from their innovative leadership of what we now think of as their quality assets: that is, their processes; their genuine partnerships with suppliers; and, their human resource skills.


Total quality Management is what we have termed this new integrated business model and strategy. It is what we have found from our business experience throughout the world to be key to competitive leadership in profitability and growth today. It is a foundation for the twenty first century quality of management as well as of products that creates business benefit from today's new global market opportunities and is a key in economic, social and humanistic development of nations.


I am sure that such interest and leadership will be discussed and emphasized in your fine convention.


I want again to express my good wishes to all of my colleagues and friends in quality at this convention followed by exhibition who share with me dedication to the spirit of quality leadership that is so important to our work, to our organizations and to our lives.


Dr. A.V.Feigenbaum

President & CEO,

General Systems Company, Inc,

Pittsfield,MA USA.



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